Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goose In A New York Minute, Part 2

Progress is being made, and I may have all the components completed by the time I have to go back to the office on Wednesday. I have all the pieced  borders done, with the exception of the NY Beauty blocks, which I will tackle tomorrow.

I have a good reason for the delay: we discovered a stray kitten trapped in our woodpile on Thursday evening, trapped it on Friday, got it to the vet on Saturday and have been trying to socialize the infant kitten (she's only 6 weeks old) and start to integrate her with the 2 adult resident cats. Also, my car's sunroof suffered an "attack" by an errant basketball and shattered and is now in the body shop. So some things have kept me away from the sewing machine a little more than I would have liked. And I don't have pictures of the progress so far to post, either.

I have leftover "stripes" from the Goose in Flight block; enough to make table runners or placemats or pillow shams that will coordinate with the quilt. I haven't figured out what exactly yet, but I think the table runner design from the border pattern is something I want to write up when I write up the quilt pattern.

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