Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giant Dahlia: A Retrospective

I seem to be in a knitting mood ever since I returned to the Wisteria sweater when I had to be backstage for a couple of day-long rehearsals. I guess these are my "production sweaters" - I made one during the Shakespeare "medley" last year, and this one is the "Arsenic & Old Lace" sweater. Since I haven't started cutting fabric for my next project (a king-sized bed quilt for us for the "warm weather"), I will show you some new photos of an old(er) quilt I finished in 2005: A Giant Dahlia quilt, using the Marti Mitchell templates with additional instructions from a Dover Giant Dahlia quilt book.

This is our "winter" quilt - the backing is flannel, and Janice put in her heaviest batting when she quilted it.

(click the photos for the full effect)

This is a king-size  bed, and I had to send it out to be quilted. Janice Jamieson did the long-arm quilting (and a beautiful job of it, too!)

And someday, I'll learn to take decent photos of my quilts...

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