Sunday, May 9, 2010

A brief interlude

I have a deadline of tomorrow for a quilt block for a  Garden State Quilters guild group quilt (for our show next year) with the theme "New Jersey, Then and Now". I whipped this up over the weekend, in just a few hours. It's only one block and fusible applique goes very quickly.

I chose for my theme the old RCA Victor logo, also called "His Master's Voice", since RCA was a huge employer in the state, and also my first real job out of college was working for RCA as an Electrical Engineer. I didn't want to do flowers (as there are a number of floral entries already), and other people have riffed on the highways and some Tomas Edison inventions. I was thinking about doing a transistor (since they were invented in New Jersey at Bell Labs), but I think very few people would "get" it these days, since it's really rare to see a discrete transistor anymore - it's all large integrated circuits these days. I also thought of (and rejected) some famous corporate logos from the past (like the old Ma Bell logo, and such). Another plus for this theme was the dog - animals are popular subjects, and Nipper is a cute terrier.

Anyway, I found this on the 'net, and I picked the artwork on the left of the second row for my sample.

and this is the finished block:


  1. Hey, nice job! How the heck did you get he shine on the cone to work?

  2. "Little Nipper" Did you include the coffin? The original logo is the dog and gramophone are sitting on top of a coffin. "Listening to his master's voice." Isn't that macabre? (My dad worked at RCA in Camden.)

  3. @meguey - the "shine" is shading using black and white Tsukenieko fabric inks (same with the shading on Nipper). I was going to cut out more fabric and applique it, but I was also running out of time (and couldn't find the fusibile web in my closet, so I had to use fabric that I've already put the web on).

    @Mary - that explains the shiny surface in the oil painting (I didn't know that, and yes that's macabre and really sad). I loved the RCA Camden plant - they had those gorgeous stained glass windows in the tower. (I worked at RCA in Moorestown). I didn't put the coffin in, because I was just riffing on the logo without the background.