Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's the little things

I never thought I could get so much satisfaction out of reorganizing my thread. I relegated all my old polyester thread to a box, because I will probably only use those threads for garment sewing and not quilting. These are all 100% cotton threads, most of which are from the Connecting Threads sale a few months ago.

I could pose these spools all day long. Stay tuned for some attempts at photographic artistry and colorful backgrounds in my blog and/or website.

Oh, and I picked up these thread spool holders at a neighbor's moving sale about 5 years back.


  1. I love the thread from Connecting Threads. I purchased one each of their color collection sets and it is really nice to have so many colors to choose from. And you cannot beat the price! I was checking out the Gutermann spools at JoAnn's yesterday and it's about $9 for just 800 yards. Such a difference from the $2 for 1200 yards at Connecting Threads.

  2. That's exactly what I did, too... and their sale price was $1.59/spool! The threads on the far right are "King Tut" that I picked up at a quilt show - they are variegated and in lovely colorways, but they are $8 for 500 yards.