Sunday, May 23, 2010

Goose In A New York Minute, Part 1

My latest WIP is a bed quilt for our bed. We've needed a summer weight quilt for a few years now, and I finally have a chance to make something for us. I came up with this design close to 18 months ago, around the time I was working on "Hours In The Garden" because it was hard for me to let that quilt go to its owner after I finished it.

There are some similarities in this new quilt with the prior one (and actually with a number of quilts I've been designing and constructing over the past several years: they all feature the Hourglass block. I think, after this one I will be ready to move on, but we'll see. Maybe there's a book in this (grin).

"Goose in a New York Minute" was designed using three blocks: Hourglass, Flying Goose Variation, and New York Beauty. This is the design from my EQ6 program:

I'm not using this exact colorway - the pink doesn't really go with my bedroom, and it's much brighter than I wanted it to be in the final quilt. I finished piecing the center square just a few minutes ago, and the Flying Goose Variation blocks were proving a bit more challenging that I expected them to be.
I will have better photographs later on.

I'm nervous about how I'm going to tackle the NY Beauty blocks. I had printed out the block for paper piecing, but that's not going to work around the curves. I've been getting some good advice from the LiveJournal quilters and the quilters over at Quilting Board (which I just discovered on Friday). I will most likely use a freezer paper piecing technique since the slap-dash "figure it out on my own" method has not yielded fantastic results so far.

Till next time, keep on quilting!


  1. sorry if this repeats Im having trouble..... you go for the paper piecing and then set in the curves.... I am confident you are going to do it just fine. Maybe practice the set in curve method with a scrap first so you are up to speed when you go to do it for real. It is a sensational design and I wish you luck with it. Hugs Maretta

  2. LOL. I was thinking about the corners of that round robin quilt I did for you and how they came out too wobbly for my satisfaction. I paper pieced those, but my problem was setting in the curves. I'll just have to take a deep breath and just dive in, I guess :)