Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Costumes: Done! Messenger Bag: Done!

It's a strange feeling to be done with both of these projects all in the same week. I was really lucky at the thrift stores this month, and I got a lot of items that needed little to no work. I did have to spend time building the aunties' costumes and the policewomen's costumes, but I saw the uniforms on the girls yesterday for a final fitting and they looked so official! The production is having a "costume parade" tomorrow, and I'll charge my camera and take pictures.

The bargello messenger bag is done, and I'll be handing it over to its recipient shortly. I will be posting instructions for the parts I documented with the camera - not sure if I'm going to write them up as formal instructions for download or just blog about it yet - I guess it will depend on what my spare time looks like over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, here is the bargello fabric after piecing

and after quilting

and after putting the bag together.


The solid brown bits are leather, and this was the first time I've really attempted to sew finished leather on my machine (I've attempted suede and deerskin with poor results in the past). My Husqvarna machine worked like a champ, even through 6 layers of leather. I have some sharp new leather needles and I went slowly, and I think that made a big difference.

If I were making another one, I would construct it in a different order to make my life easier. When you are making a bag with inner sections (a lining that also acts as a 3-pocket separator), it's best to build everything and then sew the sides up all at once and together. I didn't do this bag that way.

My next project on deck is to (finally) make a new bed quilt for our new bedroom. I've only had the design done 14 months ago, and the fabric for only a year! (and our bedroom was finished 3 months ago, and this was supposed to be our summer quilt, and summer's here early!) The fabric's been washed and ironed for at least 2 months now....

Till next time, keep on quilting!


  1. The leather looks sharp. I think I'd be terrified to try sewing it myself (but my machine is not the brightest star in the sewing machine galaxy, so).

  2. Thanks. What I forgot to mention is that my rotary cutter sliced through it like BUTTER. It's also upholstery-weight leather (similar to that used for jackets), which I think is lighter weight than Coach bag leather, for instance.