Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goose In A New York Minute, Part 3

The top is assembled except for the 2 outer borders. Things took longer than I had thought they would.

Part of that is because I did a lot more ripping of seams that in the past I would have just let go, and another part was because each NY Beauty block had 29 individual pieces of fabric in them! The paper piecing went very slowly. It took an entire day to piece the 4 corner blocks.

I completed the NY Beauties yesterday. I'm not in love with paper piecing. I like how accurate the points are, but I really don't like wasting so much fabric. I guess I'm ready for the freezer paper piecing method. I was doing a little bit of it with these blocks, anyway.

I forgot to add a solid border in between the center section and the large pieced border, and this quilt really needed it. I figured out a way to do it without having to recalculate the entire border and I think it works pretty well: I continued the solid border into the pieced border, bracketing the corner blocks.

I can't get a proper photo of the top yet, since it's pouring rain and the only place I can hang it and then back away far enough for a square picture is outside. So we will all have to settle for the distorted photo of the top laying on the floor... but here it is, sans another 12 inches of solid borders on the outside.

What I really like is the secondary "broken dishes" pattern that shows up in the reversed Goose In Flight blocks in the border. I'm going to work that into the pillow shams that will go with this.

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  1. Lovely quilt! Love the design and the colors.