Monday, January 17, 2011

A Sketchy Interlude

I've been sketching a lot this weekend, because I can sit next to the woodburning stove and sketch. I've done a couple of pen and ink sketches and then a couple of watercolors.

This one is the first one I did to get away from my constantly breaking thread.

The next day, I did this one with pen and watercolor pencils that I "activated" with water and a brush- the paper's not watercolor paper, so the results were a little "bumpy". However, I really like the black blue and white shapes (with the dots) and that might morph into an actual fabric design down the road.

This next sketch is just en and markers, getting away from simply doodling - this was my "therapy" from getting cut at my audition yesterday.

And this final ink and watercolor is my entry for this week's Iron Craft challenge, "Bunting"  - I wasn't feeling particularly crafty this weekend, and I've been wanting to break out my watercolors for a week or so already. I was using one of my "travel" watercolor kits (minimal set up/breakdown), so the palette is rather limited. If I had the time and energy, I'd have created this scene in fabric or paper cutouts, but I want to get back to finishing some quilts.

I probably need to dig out my scanner and set it up again, because snapping photos of my sketchbooks isn't really giving me "good results"

About my Faustino class quilt - I discovered that I can heat-set some oil pastels onto the black fabric and they work in a similar way to the Shiva paint sticks (which I don't have on hand). I can get a bit of color onto the black fabric so the quilting isn't completely lost. I'm hoping to get this quilt done this week.


  1. Oh, I wish I had your talent. Your pictures are wonderful. If I could draw like you I probably wouldn't quilt. Just read 94 ways that you know you're a quilter. It cheered me up to know that there are some just slightly more addicted than me!

  2. Love them all.... but the street is amazing.. I adore photos and paintings of streets and this one is excellent.