Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Iron Craft 2011 Challenge

To prove my utter insanity, I am taking the Iron Craft challenge for 2011, which is to create a craft every week (or as many as humanly possible) for the entire year. I've already missed the first one, since I found out about it just a couple of days ago, and we'll see how I do with this week's challenge, which is to make a door jamb draft blocking device.

We really need these. So much so that my husband went out and purchased a pair of commercially-made draft protectors 2 days ago! (They do work, but I don't like how they obstruct the door operation).

1 comment:

  1. I make draft protectors for my doors from old jeans - take a whole leg from an old pair of jeans (not one with holes in the knee or elsewhere), and sew it into a long cylinder, stuffed with whatever you have - dryer lint works well! And you have a tough, durable, recycled product!!