Thursday, January 20, 2011

Iron Craft #4 - Coffee Cozy

Well, I don't drink coffee, and I especially don't drink it from paper cups from Starbucks. So when this week's challenge permitted mug cozys, I knew I could get this going.

Mine is pieced from selvages and quilted, with a vintage button (that means I went into my button stash, and the button is likely from some garment of my mother's, because after she passed, my button stash grew by about an order of magnitude. She kept a lot of buttons, and when I took apart her clothes for a memory quilt, I harvested the buttons from her blouses, sweaters and some coats.)

1 comment:

  1. When I made this thing, I wasn't expecting that I'd ever use it - I mean, I've been drinking hot drinks from mugs for decades and never needed one before.

    However, I have this new gigantic mug that my sister-in-law gifted me over the holidays, and I find that it's slightly too hot to hold sometimes. I've been using the mug cozy on it for 2 weeks, now. I guess I'm not going to put it up for sale on my etsy store after all.