Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chaos Theory - FINISHED

The quilt that I designed last June for the Woodbridge Heritage Quilters' challenge is finally finished! I still have to put a label on it, and I'm debating whether to print a double label using fabric and my laser printer (for this quilt and the Harvest Quilters challenge quilt which I will start quilting next), or use the alphabet function on my sewing machine and "embroider" a label.

Chaos Theory, 40"x40", Started: June 2010, Completed: January, 2011
Chaos Theory is named because of the "fractal" nine-patches in the corners, what I went through to piece all of the 677 pieces in this quilt,  and the chaotic and quasi random nature of the quitlting. Only the triangles were paper-pieced; everything else was just cut out and sewn together (the 9-patches were strip pieced, of course). The entire thing was designed with EQ7.

I started quilting it a few months ago, and wasn't really happy with what I was doing inside the large triangles, so I let it sit for a few months, and practiced my quilting. After doing that circular practice piece a couple of weeks ago, I felt confident enough to finish this.

This was also my first attempt at doing cross-hatching. I didn't mark the quilt, and I lived to regret that. I thought the guide thingy on my walking foot would be adequate for keeping the lines parallel, but I didn't figure on the fact that I was sewing on the bias and the border wanted to stretch a bit. So things kept getting out of alignment. However, it passes the horseback test, and I will enter it in the local juried show, anyway, juts to get the judges comments.

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