Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well this was a vacation

And I didn't get any quilting done! What I did do was make a huge dent into sorting and organizing my scraps and thinking about returning the larger pieces left over from the last 2 quilt tops back into the stash and how I'm going to manage that and keep the stash neat. Going through the scraps was fun and nostalgic - seeing fabric from quilts that have been gifted to people years ago, and thinking about making a nice scrap quilt that includes them. I have no photos today, though. Sorry.

I have made some serious progress on my sweater. Six rows of cabling to go and the body is finished! The sleeves shouldn't take me long at all to knit, comparatively (the body has 265 stitches per row or something like that).

I also got my "basting gun" from JoAnn's this week, so I will try it out on the smaller challenge quilt top before I attempt to quilt "Goose In A NY Minute" -- but that's on the horizon: quilting, not piecing, probably for the next month. And also getting some patterns written up (finally!).

Till next time, keep on quilting!

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