Thursday, June 17, 2010


After 90 minutes of doing things wrong I'm giving up for the night. I managed to get one right-triangle piece done - I have 7 more to do. I am having second thoughts about one of my fabric choices - the value is too close to the challenge fabric - I made the same "mistake" on the quilt I just finished.

Those half-rectangular pieces will drive me insane. I just know it. But if things go like for the paper pieced parts (these are NOT paper pieced, and I'm beginning to have second thoughts about that decision, too!), I should be able to finally get the other 7 "blocks" finished tomorrow night. and then the 9-patch blocks which should go very fast, so there is a possibility I could be quilting on Saturday night.

Here are some progress pictures:
the quilt design, to remind you what it's "supposed" to look like.

the first triangle block, done Tuesday night, with the brown paisley challenge fabric. I don't hate it.

The rest of the triangle blocks completed (Wednesday night).

and tonight's progress. Just that one triangle attached to the large one. And a whole lot of small bits of fabric that have been cut out, but I'm not sure can all be used for this quilt. I was expecting things to go more smoothly tonight for some reason.

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