Friday, March 11, 2011

More Hours In The Garden

About two-and-a-half years ago I had my first commissioned quilt. By the end, I had named the pattern "Hours in the Garden" since it used the Hourglass block and a Garden Patch variation block as a base.

Here is the original quilt, staged on a bed (it's too big to hang anywhere  in my house to get a decent photo:

Now, I'm starting another one and this one will be heading off to another owner when it's finished as well. I am also taking very detailed notes as I construct this, as I plan to release this quilt as a pattern this year. I have chosen my fabrics for the new quilt today. This time I'm using all batiks:

I like to keep a swatch record of my fabric selections. I've also numbered/lettered all the different fabrics in the quilt (I usually don't do this when I'm just making a quilt on my own). This quilt uses 10 different fabrics, with 6 of them being mid-to-dark range blues. It's easy to get them mixed up. The last quilt took me 40 hours of construction time. I'm hoping I can do at least as well with this one. Stay tuned!

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