Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Hour in the Garden

I'm invited to a number of weddings this spring, and when I heard that one of the bride's bedrooms is decorated in "blue and beige", I knew I was going to make her an "Hours in the Garden" quilt. This one is done entirely with batiks, and is not quite as large as the first one, because I wanted to use the wholecloth quilt backing I purchased on my Wisconsin trip in October 2009, and that's "only" 108 inches wide. (the first Hours in the Garden quilt was a whopping 117" square)

I will be writing this pattern up for sure over the next couple of months, as I can squeeze the time in to do so. I took copious notes during construction of this quilt. The quilt is also going to be entered in the Garden State Quilters' guild show in May, which is a couple of weeks before the wedding.

Here are a couple of in-process photos:
Working on the border

Center section completed

Another view, in the very warm light of dawn

And our youngest cat, Luna, who must get involved in any quilting activity.

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