Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Iron Craft 10 - Fat Quarter Challenge

What's a quilter to do with one fat quarter? Well, I desperately needed some padding on the chair I use in the office at work, as the solid plastic is very hard on my elbows (I'm a leaner when I'm sitting at the computer and I'm at the computer all day long at work).

So I whipped up these arm rests using stash fabric and leftover upholstery batting from a failed attempt at reupholstering a sofa.

It's basically a "pillowcase" that's been stuffed with batting and sewed shut. What you can't see in the photos is the 2-inch wide "industrial" Velcro underneath, holding it all together. There are 6 layers of batting stuffed in there, and it's barely soft enough. I probably should have used cushion foam to stuff it, but that's harder to work with (and a lot messier!).

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