Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Iron Craft week #5 - Be Mine

The Iron Craft challenge this week is to create a Valentine's Day card.

I made mine for my daughter, who was having a really tough day today, so I gave it to here a bit early, like as soon as the glue had dried.

I started with an idea to do some pen and watercolor motifs. First the India ink pen

Then, the watercolor. I love using a thin black wash to add depth and texture to an image. I also love playing with shading and gradations using watercolors.
Next, cut out all the pieces that will be glued into the card

I got to break out my small Exacto knife set for the first time in a very long time. Broke a point off one of the blades, as well, because I had to put a lot of pressure on the knife to cut through the 140lb watercolor paper. I'm not sure I'll be doing more of that anytime soon!

The card uses some fancy double-sided heavyweight scrapbooking paper that I picked up at Costco a year or 2 ago (you gotta jump on these things when they get them in and you see them, because there's no telling how long they will carry a particular product). I thought about attempting a pop-up card, but it was going to take more engineering and experimentation than I had time for today, so I opted for some fold-back "windows" instead. These were sketched with India ink pens, and are supposed to represent a window shade, a small door, a cabinet door and a claw-foot bureau.

Of course, I "signed" the back with my "Wendycards" imprimatur (a brand name I've been using for the cards I make for family and friends for about 30 years now), and a little "license plate" with the year on it.

I think this actually cheered my daughter up this evening!

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