Monday, July 12, 2010

A Lunchbag and a Sweater

We will return shortly to our regularly scheduled quilting, but for now, here is a lunchbag that I made for my daughter to take her copious food allocation and water bottles to camp in (she's in a theater camp for 8 hours a day in an unairconditioned theater, and they require the kids to use reusable water bottles and she takes a lot of food and snacks with her). I used the "seat of your pants" design method: rough measurements of the paper shopping bag that she used the first week (until it fell apart from being damp from the water bottle condensation), and eyeballing the side pocket to fit one of her water bottles.

I had bought 3 or 4 yards of this cupcake fabric on a whim because it was cute and inexpensive. I figured this was a good use for it. I used the stiffest interfacing that I had on-hand, which is pretty stiff, but it could be stiffer, and I think I've found some at the Pellon website for future totes and messenger bags.

I also finally finished the Wisteria sweater from Twist Collective (yarn from Knit Picks). The "Arsenic & Old Lace" Production Sweater is complete, except for blocking. And it fits!

I am determined to start quilting the Challenge quilt, which I have named "Chaos Theory", but more on that later.

Till next time, keep on quilting!

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