Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vintage Doll Project: Step 2 - Back to the Drawing Board

As you may recall in this post, I was attempting to re-create a doll from my childhood. I got the fabric samples back from Spoonflower, and they looked just like I designed them. I tried 2 different fabric weights: their quilting cotton and their upholstery-grade cotton. I constructed a prototype doll from the quilting-weight cotton (even though my daughter and I both thought the heavier fabric would make a better doll). And I discovered that I need to redesign my pattern.

Yes, I think the doll is cute, but it's not right. I really want this to be closer to my original doll. And it's not there yet, See?

The head's the wrong shape, and the body, arms and legs are much smaller. I also discovered after I placed my fabric order, that the doll's legs and body are not cut in one piece: the body is separate from the legs and each are stuffed and then the legs are sewn to the body. (Also, the feet are from different fabric, but I'm OK not having to sew that together).

The face on the original doll is not the original face, but my daughter thinks there should be whites on the eyes, and perhaps some eyelashes.

I may be forced to disassemble the original doll to get the proportions exactly accurate, but I am really reluctant to do that (maybe you, my readers, can help me decide!).

Do you think that I should take my old doll apart to get an exact pattern? She is getting threadbare, and the fabric is starting to deteriorate and rip in a couple of spots. She is after all, something like 47 years old.

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